What Is A Wideband Oxygen Sensor?

A wideband oxygen sensor (regularly alluded to as a wideband O2 sensor) is a sensor that estimates the proportion of oxygen to fuel vapor in the fumes leaving a motor. The deliberate proportion is communicated as parts of oxygen to fuel. On the off chance that there is 15 parts of oxygen to each one piece of fuel, this would be communicated as an air/fuel proportion of 15 to 1, or 15.0:1.

The best wideband o2 sensor permits the air/fuel proportion to be estimated over a wide range (frequently from around 5:1 up to around 22:1). The stock oxygen sensor (for the most part a NARROW-BAND sensor) can just quantify the air/fuel proportion over an exceptionally tight range (frequently from just around 14.5:1 up to 15.0:1).

How does the ECU utilize a narrowband oxygen sensor?

Your manufacturing plant Honda ECU utilizes the yield from a narrowband oxygen sensor to modify fuel trim dependent on motor working conditions and condition. The ECU endeavors to keep the motor working around 14.7:1 for ideal motor life span and eco-friendliness while keeping up low discharges. In the event that the ECU ‘sees’ an air/fuel proportion of 14.5:1, it will somewhat diminish injector term to lean out the fuel blend to around 14.7:1. In the event that the ECU ‘sees’ an air/fuel proportion of 15.0:1, it will build injector span to rich in the air/fuel blend. This functions admirably on a stock motor, however for ideal execution a perfect air/fuel proportion is a lot more extravagant (regularly from 12.0:1 up to around 13.5:1). The stock narrowband O2 sensor just can’t recognize this air/fuel proportion and in this manner can’t sufficiently advise the ECU how much fuel to include or subtract. This is the place the upside of a wideband O2 sensor sparkles! A wideband oxygen sensor will enable the ECU to peruse an a lot ‘more extensive’ scope of air/fuel esteems in this way enabling the tuner to make the best possible alterations for ideal execution.

What to search for when buying a wideband oxygen sensor:

When utilizing a wideband O2 sensor to peruse air/fuel proportions and tune a motor, there are a few characteristics to search for.

  1. Precision is top need. On the off chance that the wideband’s readings are incorrect, you may make fuel alterations in blunder bringing about lost power or far and away more terrible, motor harm.
  2. Speed. The wideband must be receptive to changes in air/fuel proportion to permit precise fuel alterations for changes in motor rpm and burden.
  3. Simplicity of establishment/Compatibility. The wideband oxygen sensor must be perfect with your tuning programming, equipment, and establishment needs.